Limoges Boxes

The Limoges Hinged Box was invented in Paris in the early 1700s. Limoges Boxes, made from porcelain clay called Kaolin, were popular among the French aristocracy who used Limoges Boxes as an integral part of their wardrobes to carry snuff. Snuff fell from grace after chewing tobacco gained popularity, eventually becoming its replacement. Today, a small number of brilliant ateliers (workshops) in France support the manufacture of the exclusive lines of authentic Limoges Boxes. Every Limoges Box is painted completely by hand (*called PEINT MAIN) in exquisite detail. A few molds are completed for each design after which the mold is destroyed with no more than 100 boxes made from each mold. Limoges Boxes today are made in very shape imaginable – from baby carriages to light houses! They are used as a special gift between lovers and friends for aesthetic and symbolic value. Roxy’s carries a select number of these tiny and beautiful hand painted boxes – we hope you enjoy!

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